Art Deco Woman


  • Old Statue Plaster Woman Nude Salvator Melani Decor Cheminée Art Deco No Bronze
  • Female Advertising Bust, Ravi Brand. Plaster. Art Deco
  • 03c18 Old Statue 62cm Pltre Bust Woman Child Art Deco Sign Citti Freres
  • Polynesian Bust, Painted Plaster Statue, Vintage Sculpture Tahitian Woman
  • Old Art Deco Plaster Female Nude Statue By Pradier Year 50 Style
  • Old Art Deco Sculpture In Plaster Signed Cipriani The Woman And The Doe
  • Beautiful Sculpture Young Woman In Swimsuit S. Melani Plaster Art Deco Vintage
  • Sculpture Plaster Young Woman Nude Mainguy Art Deco Twentieth Century