Art Deco Woman


  • Old Art Deco Sculpture In Plaster Signed Cipriani The Woman And The Doe
  • Art Deco Signed Rucho Statue / Sculpture Woman Art Deco / A. Rucho / Statue 1930
  • Antique Porcelain Candy Box Woman Art Deco Signed Robj
  • Beautiful Art Deco Work Woman Fashion Ink And Gouache Signed
  • Nude Woman Art Deco 1930 Signed M. Font Antique French Regulates
  • Woman Bust Art Deco Ceramic Signed Denbac Metenier
  • Beautiful Sculpture Nightlight Art Deco Female Cracked Ceramic Signed
  • Beautiful Statuette Art Deco, Young Woman In Toilet, Terre Cuite, Signed
  • Large Sculpture Slip Naiade Nymph Woman Signed Real Del Sarte Art Deco
  • Chryséléphantine Sculpture Signed D. H. Chiparus Woman Art Deco
  • Gori, Woman With Mastiffs, Signed Sculpture, Art Deco 20th Century
  • Young Woman Nude Painting Signed Hilgers 1930 Olympia Nude Art Deco
  • Large Anthropomorphe Lamp Woman With Flowers Signed Jb In Terracotta