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Omega Vintage City Of Women 32 Automatic 18k Gold Diamond Watch Ref 8298 195

Omega Vintage City Of Women 32 Automatic 18k Gold Diamond Watch Ref 8298 195
Omega Vintage City Of Women 32 Automatic 18k Gold Diamond Watch Ref 8298 195
Omega Vintage City Of Women 32 Automatic 18k Gold Diamond Watch Ref 8298 195
Omega Vintage City Of Women 32 Automatic 18k Gold Diamond Watch Ref 8298 195
Omega Vintage City Of Women 32 Automatic 18k Gold Diamond Watch Ref 8298 195
Omega Vintage City Of Women 32 Automatic 18k Gold Diamond Watch Ref 8298 195
Omega Vintage City Of Women 32 Automatic 18k Gold Diamond Watch Ref 8298 195
Omega Vintage City Of Women 32 Automatic 18k Gold Diamond Watch Ref 8298 195
Omega Vintage City Of Women 32 Automatic 18k Gold Diamond Watch Ref 8298 195
Omega Vintage City Of Women 32 Automatic 18k Gold Diamond Watch Ref 8298 195
Omega Vintage City Of Women 32 Automatic 18k Gold Diamond Watch Ref 8298 195
Omega Vintage City Of Women 32 Automatic 18k Gold Diamond Watch Ref 8298 195

Omega Vintage City Of Women 32 Automatic 18k Gold Diamond Watch Ref 8298 195    Omega Vintage City Of Women 32 Automatic 18k Gold Diamond Watch Ref 8298 195
Vintage Omega women Automatic City 32 diamonds 18k gold watch ref 8298 195. This sheet is originally written in English. Please find below an automatic translation in French. If you have questions please contact us. Watch vintage omega ladies Automatic City 32 18k gold diamond ref 8298195.

Please read the entire description, carefully inspect the pictures and ask all questions before buying. Defiantly a watch collection, this watch has not been used for over 20 years. Please look at the pictures because they are part of the description. The watch runs and keeps a good time. To my knowledge, this is one of the smallest automatic movement ever made by Omega, and perhaps by anyone.

Contact me if you have questions first. Housing and bottom 18k gold. Total weight of 65 grams. With 8298 195 inside the bottom of the case note that the housing bottom in most cases is not completely tightened.

Please see the image for details. Just inspected and in great shape. Please view photos and old as some movements do not have a very clear picture.

The upper part of the strap is about 8 cm, the lower part of the strap on the side of the loop is about 8.75 cm (all estimated), the loop has three different locations to close the strap for different micro sizes. Come with a beautiful vintage style box. No, please test the pressure before using the water. 3 (see tab for info).

Results of internal testing time. This is the perfect time to keep a watch at that age! The length of the watch is one end of the strap at the other end is about 19 cm - 7.5 inches, all inclusive. Please contact me for more details. The impressive and beautiful items are good here !!!

Please see our other auction for good deals on watches, bracelets and watch accessories! Please read the description, terms and policies before bidding. We do not accept cancellations. The actual color of the item may vary on the screen of your monitor or reflect photo sessions. Please ask any questions before bidding. The auction is a legal contract so all sales are final. Payment must be made within 2 days. The item will be relisted. If you are unable to meet the deadline for payment for any reason, please notify the seller in order to provide information on serious buyers. The outstanding payment with our previous bid must be set first before bidding again on our other products. The bill will be sent to the buyer within 24 hours after the end of the auction. Accepted payment methods are through. In some cases, we offer local pickup, please ask. The accepted method of payment is only via.

Please contact us if your country is not listed. I only send the item to your verified address.

And not to another address. We ship the item within 72 hours after payment. Some high-end items can take longer if they need to be recovered in a safe or do additional testing on them. Please inform the seller if insurance is required. Please contact me before paying ask the total. The seller shall not be liable for any damage or loss of packages during transport. Please contact me before bidding or buying.

Rates depend on the country / destination. I do not sell to new accounts or lower-rated sellers.

Again, you should contact me first or your will be canceled. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase of watches and jewelery in watches experts.

We have built our business on the recommendations of our most satisfied customers. We stand behind every watch we sell and we guarantee your satisfaction. Items purchased in our inventory can be returned within 3 days for a refund.

The item must be in its original condition and include all packaging, materials, instruments, ties, straps, buckles, labels, protective stickers, boxes and guarantees as shipped by experts watches. In some cases, the restocking fee. Can be canceled on trade in higher value. Returns and exchanges will not be accepted if the item was used, worn or altered from its original state in any manner whatsoever.

Note: Please be careful to read this !! the items we sell are 100% authentic, as described and illustrated. If this is not proven, we will refund. Unless otherwise indicated, all is.

We do not guarantee the watertightness of used watches. Some of the items we sell are opportunities / used.

The seller says the description if it is new or used. Expect that some items are not as new as new. All items are described on the capabilities and specific knowledge of the seller.

If the items are not well described and if I missed something in the description, please contact the seller with any questions. We are not connected and / or related companies brands that we sell. The article on the pictures is the actual item that we sell. In some cases, we use a stock photograph if a new article. Or stock image to the main image.

Please ask any questions before buying. However, we deeply appreciate if you can let me once you have received the item. Consider the fact that leave negative comments (-) affect my credibility as a seller and it will never be the solution to your concern, so please consider sufficiently informing us first your concern before leave so that problems can be solved. Customer satisfaction is our main concern in this area. If you are not satisfied with the item you have purchased from us, please inform the seller of problem solving.

The watch should not be used in the water! All diving watches, even recent, must be sent to a sealing service to qualified water each year before the dive season.

Any display of accessories that may appear in pictures is not included in the sale. Our watches are sold in working order, unless otherwise auction.

We check to make sure they are on time and work, but we do not maintain each watch and it is possible that maintenance is required at your expense. The maintenance of a vintage watch is highly recommended as we have no service record in most cases. Please visit our guild levels of service for more information. Please keep in mind the age of these watches, in some cases 50 to 80 years and older and because of the age of these watches, we do not guarantee water tightness, even if it is marked sealed on all watches that we sell. Remember that the fact of seeing the object at a very high magnification, like the pictures I provide, gives life to small defects that the human does not perceive it.

This is why many people love the watch even more after seeing her for real. Please do not send me message telling me what you think is the value of the item, or asking me if I'd consider an offer of $ x, or what is my best price. Buy it now or make an offer early and with confidence! This is the most effective way to avoid the disappointment of seeing the article go to someone else.

I do not guarantee the timing on any of my vintage watches, although the timing is perfect. Very old watches keep good time but do not expect the precision of a modern watch. Please understand this and keep this in mind, especially if you are new to the handling of vintage watches. Please read this before bidding. Vintage watches are very delicate and I pack the highest level to avoid damage.

The high-altitude flights can be difficult to watch due to extreme temperature changes. This can cause a decrease in the viscosity of the oil (gum up) and prevent a watch to rotate the balance freely moving, etc.

It may be necessary to lubricate his arrival, regardless of his recent meeting (if any). Although this is a very small possibility this may sometimes occur. Remember that you are buying a watch hand and it will require a service at a given time.

Have a good day and enjoy your shopping !! Unfortunately, many sellers soothe the watch was repaired where it was not. So be careful and ask first questions to sellers. As for my watches, please see below. Watches expert level 1 served.

Served by our service center with over 40 years of very old school experience and very hard to find nowadays. Our routine service includes the following elements.

Complete disassembly of the watch. Completely disassembled, cleaned, oiled and timed using advanced equipment.

Clean all moving parts with specialized cleaning solvents. Proper lubrication with lubricants and only the highest quality oils during the winding process. Your watch is tested to our rigorous standards of 24 to 72 hours to ensure accuracy, water resistance and the proper functioning of all the features.

(Revision - lubricants, seals, sealing, regulation, testing misc). The case was inside is marked and dated by the service man. Receipts are available upon request. Level # 2 served by the previous owner.

(This can range from the sale by one of the affiliated resellers to that of a private collector). These watches are inspected and timed to ensure they meet the vintage watches timekeeping standards. What can be displayed, as most professional watch repair centers follow the same standards, the watch must be in good condition, for any other questions, please contact us. Level # 3 inspected and timed.

Level # 4 sold as is. Are less expensive watches or newer watches that do not need it might not go through its process.

This test is not a guarantee of repeatability and accuracy. In fact, wearing the watch in the pulse certainly give you different results, because the watch will.

Be subject to the positions and temperatures very different. Whatever the quality of the test results, the watch is sold as is, without warranty of any kind, unless otherwise noted.

Like a car, a mechanical watch will require periodic maintenance by an expert watchmaker. Recommendations for the owner of antique watches. All antique watches are mechanical. Many repairs are not cheap, because they will very likely require the replacement of non-standard parts (unlike the most recent model of watches).

The old watches should not be beaten or dropped - because repairs can be costly. Antique watches usually are not waterproof. Indeed, waterproofing was in overall production until the mid-20th century for most watches. Therefore, you must protect your antique shows of exposure to moisture. If your watch is wet, it should dry quickly.

Carefully open all covers and use a hair dryer to dry the movement, dial, lids and crown. This will reduce the amount of rust. If your watch is wet with a type of salt water, you should immediately immerse or spray your watch with fresh water (no salt) to remove all the salt works of the watch before drying completely. Any remaining salt in the watch will combine with the moisture in the air to corrode the metal components of movement, the housing, etc. The tight winding of a mechanical watch can break the mainspring.

If you can avoid it, do not go back too hard to watch. When setting the hands of your watch, move them only in a clockwise direction.

Adjustments counterclockwise can damage the movement. If you need to adjust counterclockwise, do it only for small adjustments c. Be careful and gentle when adjusting travel speed (faster or slower). Do not make sudden movements and do not touch the other components of the movement, especially the pendulum mechanism. Every 2-3 years, it is necessary to revise and lubricate vintage watches.

If the watch is dirty - let the clock run out, do not go back until it is repaired by a qualified expert in watch repair. Dust absorbs and eliminates the significant lubricants and causes wear on moving parts.

To clean the case, dial and crystal, you should use a cloth that does not leave fibers as they could get caught in the movement. Check with your expert watch repair to get a proper cloth. Keep your antiques away from magnets. Strong magnetic fields can affect the accuracy of your watch because some vintage watches were manufactured with components made of iron in the movement.

Most cases and blankets are fine components and do not stand up well to abuse. Antique watches generally experience an error of up to 5 to 7 minutes per day. Any accuracy of + - 5 minutes is very good.

Welcome to Expert Expert watches watches was born from a passion for the collection of wrist watches for over 40 years. This passion has turned into an opportunity to create the best destination for luxury watches and vintage opportunity. Offer an inventory Luxury opportunity to carefully selected and vintage watches for sale, including watch accessories, jewelry and watchbands. We offer a personalized customer service experience high quality to our customers for over 15 years.

It was a joyful experience to share his passion with others. Our goal is to provide a range of watches and luxury goods to meet all our customers. From the novice to the experienced collector, and affordable luxury products to well-designed products. From time to time, we try to make watches that exceed our collection of palaces. This can be a difficult experience, especially in a vintage watch world, but also fulfilling to help our customers in their collection needs. All custom accessories watches experts are developed to create high quality products at affordable prices. SEO services and templates provided by inkFrog. The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.
  1. style vintage <\/ li>
  2. Manufacturer warranty: none <\/ li>
  3. with original packing: without <\/ li>
  4. Country / Region Manufacturing: Swiss <\/ li>
  5. Sex: woman <\/ li>
  6. mark color: gold <\/ li>
  7. Display: needles <\/ li>
  8. etanchéité: not water resistant <\/ li>
  9. housing material: gold <\/ li>
  10. Additional links: without <\/ li>
  11. group age: adult <\/ li>
  12. Dial style: 12 hours Dial <\/ li>
  13. strap material: gold <\/ li>
  14. Dial color: gold <\/ li>
  15. Model: Town omega <\/ li>
  16. with booklet without <\/ li>
  17. movement: mechanical (automatic) <\/ li>
  18. case color: gold <\/ li>
  19. stone: Diamond <\/ li>
  20. purity of the metal: 18k <\/ li>
  21. brand: Omega <\/ li>
  22. ean: not applicable <\/ li>
  23. manufacturer part number: not applicable <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    Omega Vintage City Of Women 32 Automatic 18k Gold Diamond Watch Ref 8298 195    Omega Vintage City Of Women 32 Automatic 18k Gold Diamond Watch Ref 8298 195